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Laser Combat

What is Laser Combat?

Traditional laser tag is generally played in the dark and participants score points by shooting everything that moves, whomever has the most points wins. Not much strategy involved, not much fun for older participants.

Laser Combat is a game that uses similar blasters but participants must employ stategy in order to win the various games. Laser Combat can also be played in all lighting conditions. Our laser combat system supports up to 10 players per game, divided into 2 teams. Guns are fully customizable. We can set the amount of ammunition in each blaster, clips, health points, respawning, and game length.

The addition of these variables allows for much more complex and challenging game play, similar to paintball or first person shooter video games. Of course if your kids want to play old fashioned point and shoot laser tag, our system will do that too!

Laser combat enables players to play popular games such as Capture The Flag, Protect The President, and other popular paintball scenarios.

The action takes place in our huge 40' by 30' military themed combat field.

All of this delivered and set-up by our professional staff for your enjoyment.

Great for corporate team building, birthday parties, get togethers, youth groups, or any other type of party.

Our Combat Field

Our Guns

Measures 40 x 30 x 6(h) feet.

Special All Day Rental $599.99! (Includes delivery, set up, take-down, pick up and 8 hours of use.) Regular price $1000 for 4 hours. Maximum Players: 10

Rent Guns Only $160.

Requires 4 110 volt electrical outlets.

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